Above Average Advice: Painfully relatable stories

  • Cooking Is A Rollercoaster Of Suck But I Love It

    Restaurants are never a desired career for many, but for people crazy enough to do it, cooking is the most rewarding profession. Is it soul-sucking? Oh, you betcha. It certainly can be. Are you ever appreciated for what you do? A 99% chance of never. But god damn, the feeling you get from pumping out…

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  • Don’t Ever Ask Me What My Favorite Color Is

    I was today years old when I discovered that you don’t have to give a complete asshole response when someone asks you “Hey, what’s your favorite color?” Now, normally, I’d reject that question with rage, kindly question the intelligence of the person asking me, and demand they never ask me such a dumb question again. …

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  • The Greatest Procrastination Masterclass You’ve Never Heard Of

    This article is sponsored by: Procrastination.  The number one contributor to late articles. Do you have an article due, but you’re sick and tired of writing it ahead of time and want to write it at the very last minute, all while persuading yourself that it’s still technically Friday so your article isn’t that late? …

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  • How I Stumbled Upon The Power Of Comfortable Silence

    There I am, sitting across from my date at the local Applebees. Palms sweating. Trying to think of anything to spark a conversation. An agonizing 30 seconds go by—pure silence. My skin begins to itch because this silence is turning into the definition of awkward. I start to feel as if I’m sitting in a…

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  • When’s The Last Time You Wrote a Love Letter?

    If I were to transport myself back to the days when smartphones weren’t even a concept and Wi-Fi would’ve melted someone’s brain if you told them about it, I’d land in a time where emotions were not confined to the boundaries of a simple text message. The good ol’ days. Back when putting pen to…

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  • 7 Ways I’ve Learned How To Be An Adult In A Relationship

    Looking back on life, I can definitely recall a time when I was the definition of a man-child. In relationships, I remember being jealous, resentful, and angry, and I’d be the absolute king of holding grudges. If I ever felt hurt or ignored, I’d bottle that and end up exploding days later at the tiniest…

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