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My name is Tyler Thomas and this is my above average blog.

A little something about me.

Well, as I mentioned above, my name is Tyler Thomas and this is my quaint little blog. Firm handshakes to you for landing here. I started this blog as a way to provide nuggets of above average advice from personal experiences that have left an impact on my life. Why above average advice, exactly?

To help others live an above average life, of course.

My way of giving this advice? Through the long-lost art of storytelling.

You see, there are thousands of blogs and chat GPT articles out there that will tell you what to do. Listicle after listicle and the same damn format for each and every one. God, those are boring to read. It’s like stale bread for my ears.

So I chose a different route.

I believe in telling stories that have a piece of above average advice within. What you take away from each article is entirely up to you. In my eyes, that’s the way it should be. I want to offer room for reflection through my writing.

If that all sounds fine and dandy to you, well, hot damn. I’m happy to meet another like-minded soul.

To start your above average journey off proper, here are a few ways that I came up with to start your above average life off right.

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