When’s The Last Time You Wrote a Love Letter?

If I were to transport myself back to the days when smartphones weren’t even a concept and Wi-Fi would’ve melted someone’s brain if you told them about it, I’d land in a time where emotions were not confined to the boundaries of a simple text message.

The good ol’ days.

Back when putting pen to paper and pouring your heart out was the norm for all of us hopeless romantics.

Insert Mr. Shakespeare. 

I can recall a time when a younger, less hairier, version of Tyler used to stumble on words. Out of anger in my man-child days, sure, but also just to articulate how I felt. 

Writing, believe it or not, became the way to express myself. I call it my secret little weapon. 

Now, it’s how I process everything.

When I’m feeling stressed, or am trying to articulate my thoughts and emotions, I break out the ol’ journal and pen my mental chaos down. A quick brain dump, you could say, keeps the doctor away. Literally.

Quite frankly, writing is how I communicate my rawest feelings when words fail me. 

And believe me, they’ve failed me many times. Too many to count. 

Because of these verbal failures, I learned how to do the next best thing. 

Write letters.

And not just any letters.

Love letters.

Ok, before you start vomiting in disgust at how mushy this sounds, hear me out. 

Writing love letters and romantic notes is not just something you see in movies with Heath Ledger or Richard Gere. 

Shocking, I know. 

They’re an age-old art that goes back centuries and conveys the deepest of feelings all the way from kings to tyrants.

Quite honestly, I’m sure kings would have servants write for them, but that’s not my point.

My point is writing a mushy love letter, especially in our modern times of swipes and instant messaging, is a must-try in this .

The Weight of the Written Word

While a text message or an Insta DM might sound like the easiest way to reach out, nothing quite compares to a handwritten letter’s touch, feel, and personal connection. 

It’s tangible. 

You can feel the indentations of the pen on the paper, see the unique style of handwriting, and even notice the occasional smudge when the writer was deeply engrossed in their thoughts. 

That’s pure, raw emotion captured.

To me, it’s romantic as hell.

Have you ever smelled a brand new book? Intoxicating. Handwritten letters are the same boat for me. The smell of the pen and paper, whooieee. Someone give me an air freshener for that.

Can you say that about a phone or computer? Go ahead, smell your phone. I’ll wait. Smell like dog water? Kinda sorta?

To be quite honest, reading old text messages are fine, but just doesn’t hit me right in the feels like a handwritten letter does. 

For example, I have an old note from Kacey hanging on my whiteboard. I swear, every time I read it, holding her note in my hands and feeling the paper, I feel like I’m traveling back in time to the very day she wrote it. Everything about a letter, or note,  just feels much more personal to me. 

A text message just can’t capture that. 

Going Old School, The Romantic Way

Kacey and I started a little tradition almost immediately when we first started dating. We never talked about it, we just did it.

Once in a blue moon, we leave little notes or love letters for each other around the house. It could be something as simple as “Have a great day!” or “Hey, nice butt!” Little reminders to let one another know that we’re thinking about each other.  

Sometimes, they go a little deeper, like reminiscing about a romantic date we had or an inside joke we’ve created.

Now you might be thinking, “But I’m not good at writing!” 

Hey, I get it.

I wasn’t great at writing in the beginning, either. In fact, with my penmanship the way it was, I would’ve made a great doctor. There’s no way my handwriting would’ve killed someone…

But it’s all about keeping it simple.

And maybe using tracing paper and crayons if your handwriting is akin to a 5-year-old’s is the way to go. 

No judgment here. 

I found there’s no need to break out the Shakespeare dictionary and use all of his fancy words when you start writing your first love letters. 

It’s really all about raw emotion, authenticity, and vulnerability.

Easy enough, right?

Here’s a Start – Tips on Crafting the Perfect Love Letter:

Alright, time to get your hopeless romantic on. I love it. Here are some tips I found to make a love letter feel as authentic as possible.

Handwritten, Always: Opt for pen and paper over typing. I’ve found that handwriting adds another level of personal touch that typing can’t achieve.

Start with a Memory: Sharing a cherished memory is always a good way to start. I try to think of past dates or write about all the little things I enjoy with Kacey. 

Be Genuine: Don’t stress about finding the perfect words. Be yourself. Whether you’re funny, serious, witty, or just plain goofy – embrace it.

It’s not an essay: Keep it short. A few sincere lines can say way more than pages of fluff.

Seal it with a Kiss: Guy or girl, who cares? This may be a tad cheesy, but hey, why not?

Take the Plunge!

I remember the first time I left a little note on Kacey’s car window. 

My cooking shift just ended, and I thought on my way home, “You know what, I think she might appreciate a nice little love note when she gets out of work.” I had a torn-up envelope in my car, so I figured that would do the trick. 

I wrote something like, “Holy, you are an absolute 10/10!” and then followed it with another corny line as one does.

Like a borderline stalker, I placed that note on her windshield and drove back home. 

Man, the grin on her face when she came home – priceless.

That reaction alone fuels me to keep on writing her notes. Knowing that a simple sentence can brighten up her day, why not keep writing them?

In a world that often feels like it’s moving at warp speed, sometimes slowing down and writing a nice little love letter or note, something heartfelt, can make all the difference for your significant other.

So, before swiping open your messaging app, consider grabbing a piece of paper. Be it a scribble, a long letter, or just a heart drawn on a sticky note – and give it a shot. In this world of emojis and abbreviated words, let’s bring back the lost art of penning down our love for one another.

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