Above Average Advice: Painfully relatable stories

  • I’ve Never Experienced A Board Game Quite Like Gloomhaven

    (Before you begin your journey reading this week’s letter, I highly suggest you listen to the letter in its entirety. You’ll appreciate it later, I assure you.) 😀 Over the course of the last two years, Kacey and I have been playing Gloomhaven with our fellow band of misfits, Matt and Mariah. Every week, we…

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  • Thanks to ‘Alone’ I’m Now a Bonafide Veggie Papa

    Sitting on my cozy couch, in my cozy home, with my cozy cup of coffee, cozied up with Kacey, we turn on the TV show ‘Alone’–a show about surviving in remote places around the world, alone, against 10 other people to see who can last the longest. The catch? They can only bring 10 items…

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  • When Life Hands You Lemons, You Better Make Lemonade

    Wake up. Open Indeed. Scroll for an hour. Make coffee. Back to Indeed. This was starting to become a morning routine from hell. Yes, I’m equating finding a job to hell because, let’s be honest, it absolutely is.  I’d say I had my toes dipped in hell for a couple of weeks or so.  Then…

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  • Happy Birthday Kacey

    My mind’s been racing lately. I feel like there’s so much I want to do, but so little time to do it. I want to have kids, get married, start a business (multiple businesses to be honest), spend time with friends and family, play tennis for hours on end, and put hundreds of hours into…

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  • That One Time I Left a $5000 Mattress in New York

    I’ve had a few financial mishaps in my life. Some are more memorable than others, like attempting to go to college 3 times. But there’s one little mishap that, for the people who know, gives me all sorts of shit because of it.  Let’s set the scene.  I’m 20 years old, making pretty decent money,…

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  • My Relationship Status With Technology: It’s Complicated

    If technology and I were in a relationship – which would be rather strange but it’s 2023 so I guess it wouldn’t be too strange – our status would 100% be “it’s complicated”. Now, if you’re unfamiliar, Facebook has a relationship status that you can literally put it’s complicated. Who in their right mind would…

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