The Unbelievable Results of Visualizing My Soulmate

A few years ago now, I read an article about athletes visualizing themselves succeeding in a competition. Think of winning the NBA finals, winning the Superbowl, or overcoming traumatic injuries. The results of this visualization? The same regions in the brain that fire up during the actual physical activity and the healing process of the traumatic injuries, were firing off during this small mental exercise.  

What did that sound like to me? Bologna. 

They say practice, practice, practice. You know, like actually practicing the activity to become the master. You know, put your 10,000 hours in. Not being a fucking Jedi and practicing with your mind.

I wish I had this to use as an excuse in sports. “Oh, hey Coach. No, I’m not going to participate in drills today. I’m practicing with my mind!” 

Give me a break.

So, I blew the article off and threw this bologna-flavored idea into the deep and dark recesses of my brain. Hoping Google would do the honors of deleting it in 30 days. But that didn’t happen. That article stayed in my brain for years. Two to be exact. 

During that time of reading about visualization, I had the pleasure of experiencing a long-term breakup and found myself back in the strange and quite unfamiliar land of the dating scene. A land I thought I would never have to navigate again. But that’s Life’s sense of humor for you. 

With absolutely no luck in finding someone that I “clicked” with, I needed to take a hard look at what the hell I was doing. I felt like I was trying to navigate some roaring white rapids with nothing but some arm floaties and a stick. You know what I’m sayin’? So I opened up my journal and wrote, “What the hell do I want?” Better yet, “Who the hell do I want?”.

The bologna-flavored article about visualization came flooding back into my mind. I remembered almost every word of that article as if I read it yesterday. Crazy what your mind remembers.

I thought, oh what the hell. Let me try and visualize the type of person I want to be with. So, with some monk-like focus, this is exactly what I wrote: 

a written account of the kind of partner I wanted

Apologies for the penmanship.

Boy, if handwriting could make you qualified for a job, I’d definitely be a doctor.

Now you’re probably thinking, ok, what’s the point of this? I’ve only read about some failures and hired an actual WWII codebreaker to decipher this shitty handwriting. 

This is going to sound like some absolute bullshit on what I write next, but that small little writing exercise actually worked.

After writing down the qualities of the perfect person that I wanted to be with, almost 5 months later, Kacey appeared in my life. Albeit, it was a notification that popped up on my phone as I was driving home with a to-go box full of steak fajita nachos for the 4th time that week, but there she was. 

I should say, unknowingly to me at the time, Match has an option that, if you have it enabled, sends you the profile of a person that’s close to your proximity. GPS in the dating world, when you think about it, seems mildly intrusive. And a wee bit stalkerish.

But this feature came in clutch at that exact moment. 

Kacey and I began exchanging messages and were absolutely hitting it off.

I opened my journal a few weeks after meeting Kacey and went to write about her. And there that journal entry was, staring back at me with that 3rd-grade penmanship. 

My jaw dropped. Goosebumps covered my entire body, and I might’ve peed a little. Not because of the penmanship, but because Kacey matched every quality that I had written about months earlier. She was a soccer babe, independent, confident, wanted kids, enjoyed the little things in life, and was a gamer. 

She also loved BBQ chicken pizza and chai tea, which I hadn’t written about, but only solidified the fact that she was the perfect match for me. 

There was no way that this woman was real. Seriously, I thought I was on an episode of Punked and Ashton Kutcher was going to step out of my closet with a camera crew.

Those qualities that I had written months earlier had manifested into this woman that I knew right out the gate was going to be in my life forever. 

Now, this is only my example of using this small mental tactic of visualization to try and “manifest” a forever partner in my life. 

But I challenge you to put this art into practice with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Write down who or what you want in life
  2. Take a moment to visualize what you wrote
  3. Let your subconscious do the rest

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